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Essential Oils for Skin Care

When I decided to make quality dermatologist developed skin care products, my first commitment was to use only the finest and most pure, therapeutic and organic ingredients. The ancient traditions of the apothecary is what inspired me to create a line of handcrafted skincare products based on essential oils and the highest quality plant-sourced organic ingredients.

As a Pharmacist and Dermatologist, I have come across hundreds of skin care products and I have seen products come and go, as fads do. This is why I chose to formulate my products with essential oils, because essential oils are timeless, and will always be such. No fads, no gimmicks, just pure, powerful, simple, beautiful skin care. I have carefully sourced the finest therapeutic grade ingredients, along with natural preservation methods which maintain the beauty and potency of the precious essential oils and extracts. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its unique skin care properties and works harmoniously with the other ingredients.

Not only do I start with the highest quality and most pure plant-sourced organic ingredients, I combine them in the right proportions. The history of skin care is one of essential oils for skin care, herbs and tinctures, and each one of my products was developed with the influence of the ancient masters of skin care.

Different essential oils are beautifully blended to create a unique body oil product line. Coming soon this fall.

This delicate, soothing cream is based on rose essential oil and it is ideal for all skin types. Coming soon this fall.

Many of our formulations are derived from age-old recipes used in cultures and civilizations around the world.

Free shipping on all orders over $100 via UPS Ground within the United States.

Product Savings

Marula & Shea Eye Butter Package


Susan Kallal MD, Pharm.D., is a Board Certified Dermatologist with over 20 years of experience treating patients.

Dr. Kallal completed her Bachelor in Pharmacy at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. She then went on to complete her Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacy at the University of Texas in San Antonio, where she also completed her Medical Doctorate.

She went on to complete her Dermatology Residency in Los Angeles, at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Kallal has been in private practice for over 15 years.

Dr. Susan Kallal


Our ingredients are carefully selected for their therapeutic skin benefits and their balancing effects on the mind and spirit. We source ingredients from growers committed to harvesting the highest quality herbs and flowers.  These precious botanicals and essential oils are then specially formulated to restore the skin and elevate the mood.

Rich textures and scents inspire beauty and promote overall wellbeing. The synergy of our ingredients create powerful positive effects which are greater than the sum of each ingredient. The undeniable truth is the connectivity of mind body and spirit, and our products are created to reflect this truth.

bath oil and pink roses
bottle with essential oil and fresh chamomile flowers isolated on white background
bath oil and pink roses
bath oil and pink roses
bottle with essential oil and fresh chamomile flowers isolated on white background.
bottle with essential oil and fresh chamomile flowers isolated on white background.
A bowl of sea buckthorn berries and oil bottle isolated on white background.
bottle with essential oil and fresh chamomile flowers isolated on white background.

Essential Oils for Bath and Body

Specific quality essential oils have been in use traditionally for ages as healing natural oils. Bath essential oils to relax, sooth, and nurture the body through bathing practices. Taking baths with essential bath oils is not a new trend. This practice dates back to ancient times. The essential body oils can be applied directly onto the skin without bathing. This is also not a new trend.

Proper skin care can include essential bath oils and body care routines. Bath essential oils are wonderful for people that love taking baths. While essential body oils are perfect for direct application to the skin. Therapeutic messages often utilize healing natural oils.

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