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Neroli Cleansing Creme


This delicate, soothing crème cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin showing the effects of environmental and hormonal stress. Skin exposed to harsh elements or other prolonged environmental stress ages more rapidly than normal.

3.38 oz.

Best Marula face Serum

Marula Face Serum


The Olkerii Marula Face Serum features pure marula oil at over 94% along with other skin nourishing vegetable oils and essential oils. The key ingredient in the Olkerii Marula Oil is produced from nuts harvested from trees growing across a wild swath of East Africa from Kenya into Tanzania.


Shea Eye Butter


This extra-rich, protective crème contains the highest quality shea butter from Africa and penetrates deeply to heal dry, cracked, and callused skin. It’s also excellent as a daily hand crème, aiding in the health of cuticles and nails.

0.44 oz.